Winter Safety Tips: Preparing Your Home for the Winter

Preparing your home for the winter can be overwhelming because each winter season is unique and requires a different response.

As a homeowner living in Alberta, you might experience freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, slick roads, power outages, and icy driveways.

By following some basic techniques, you can minimize negative outcomes.

Here are five simple tips to ensure the safety of your home and family during the winter in Alberta.

1. Prepare Your Home Before the Winter

Winter Safety Tips - Preparing Your Home for the WinterThinking in advance will make your life much easier when winter weather strikes.

Experts recommend devising a safety checklist that discusses how you will respond in certain scenarios.

This checklist might express some basic responsibilities in case of an emergency.

Prepping your home before winter arrives also entails inspecting it for vulnerable areas.

This can be done by a professional to ensure maximum protection.

Here are some examples of what should be included on your checklist:

  • Checking your home’s heating and air conditioning system
  • Cleaning your gutters to remove any water, debris, etc
  • Investing in equipment like a snowblower and standby generator.

2. Trim the Trees

Many homeowners don’t realize that trimming their trees is an important part of preparing for winter. While you can do this on your own, hiring a professional would be more effective.

You can always hire a Yardworx professional to do this for you. Many customers trust us for these sensitive jobs due to our highly skilled team.

We’ve also been working in the Alberta area for over 25 years, so we are experts when it comes to winter preparation.

3. Roof Maintenance During the Winter

Maintaining your roof is one of the most important parts of preparing your home for the winter season. With the heavy snow, icy winds, hail storms, rain, and strong sun we get here in Alberta, neglecting your roof is a huge mistake. 

Winter is the time when leaking or drafty roofs tend to cause the biggest problems and minor flaws can easily turn into major problems. If you have a flat roof, it is advisable to plan for at least one professional inspection per year from a reputable roofing company in Calgary or Edmonton.

Some common things to watch for include excess snowfall on the roof, frozen ice in the gutters, and falling icicles.

4. Keep Your Walkways Clear

Keeping walkways clear is another aspect of winter preparation.

This prevents slips and falls from occurring and makes it easier for you to exit and enter your home.

Many homeowners in Alberta rely on Yardworx professionals to do this for them. 

If you decide to shovel on your own, make sure you’re not distracted in order to prevent injuries.

5. Be Good to Your Neighbors

Keeping your neighbours in mind when preparing for the winter is also critical.

If you anticipate a storm approaching, it might be beneficial to communicate with your neighbours about possible courses of action. Your neighbours might lack certain equipment when it comes to preparation, which could also endanger your home.

In the same vein, making sure your home is properly maintained will minimize the chance that your neighbours are negatively affected. This is especially the case if you live close to your neighbour.

Trees that aren’t trimmed, neglected ice and snow patches, or a leaky drainage system could wreak havoc on many different homes.

Winters in Alberta are much more manageable when everyone helps out and comes together as a community.

The City of Calgary has even established some basic snow removal regulations to guide you in times of inclement weather.  

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing your home for winter doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you think ahead and get proactive.

Trimming trees, maintaining your roof, and keeping your walkways clear are a good place to start.

Additionally, keeping your neighbours in mind will also go a long way in preventing negative outcomes from occurring.

By following these tips, you can ensure that winter passes without causing significant distress or hardship.

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