4 Steps You Should Take to Protect Your Property After a Snow Storm

Protecting your property after a snowstorm can be difficult as the chaos of the storm can stir up a range of negative emotions like fear and anxiety.

These emotions can paralyze some homeowners, leading to irrational decision making.

This is a common response for many people, which makes preparation vital.

Homeowners in Alberta will typically experience significant snowfall, icy roads, cold temperatures, and fallen trees throughout the winter.

We’ve compiled four crucial steps you should take to secure your property after a snowstorm strikes.

1. Follow the Forecast

Steps to Protect Your Property After a Snow Storm

Following the forecast is crucial for any Albertan homeowners since unexpected weather patterns are not uncommon.

Even after a storm hits, it can be helpful to continue to follow the forecast. This allows you to prepare for any additional snowfall that might occur.

Following the forecast will also allow you to anticipate freezing weather, which could compromise your property.

Many experts recommend creating a checklist ahead of time, as this can be an effective guide in times of crisis.

You should also examine the gutters on your house as well as your sidewalk and driveway for water.

Water that freezes in these areas can lead to leaks, injuries, and further damage to your property.

Using salt and an ice melter can be an efficient way of removing this water and thereby protecting your property.

We’ve created a winter safety guide with a sample checklist for you here to prepare your home and family for this winter.

2. Keep Your Trees Cleared

Trees may fall down, especially after a heavy snow storm.

This is common throughout the winter in Alberta, which means clearing them from your property is critical if you want to avoid lasting damage.

When doing this, it can be helpful to have an axe and chainsaw on hand to chop the trees into smaller pieces.

Make sure your chainsaw is properly charged or fueled before the storm strikes, as you might lose electricity or access to transportation.

It is highly recommended to hire professionals to help you remove any hazardous trees.

Our team at Yardworx will inspect for any potential risks and provide you with assistance or services for the next appropriate course of action.

3. Shovel Your Walkway

Shovelling your walkway will prevent accidents and make it easier to enter and exit your property.

If this task is too daunting or you simply don’t have enough time, then you can always let a Yardworx professional handle it for you.

Our employees are extremely effective at doing this and have access to the ideal equipment for the job.

We offer timely and effective snow clearing services. Ask us about our Winter Monthly Plan today.

4. Keep Your Fridge Full

The Alberta area is known for heavy snowfalls, which means stocking up on food is critical for survival.

After a storm, you might be snowed in for days, preventing you from going to the grocery store.

Keeping your fridge full of an array of foods will help keep your family safe and happy.

Also, when stuck inside, you can pass the time by making delicious meals for you and your loved ones!

Canned goods are also ideal to have, as their expiration date is often many years in the future.

Many homeowners in Alberta like to keep a large supply of canned meat and canned produce on hand.

Many of these are pre-cooked, which means they can be eaten even if you lose access to a stove, oven or microwave.

Protecting your Property After a Snow Storm

Experiencing a snow storm in Alberta can definitely be intense whether you are a new or seasoned homeowner.

By following the above advice, you can ensure that your property is protected from significant damage.

Contact Yardworx for snow management services in Calgary and Edmonton today! You can also order our services directly by filling out our online form.

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