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Join the Yardworx Team and Enjoy A Great Income and a Great Experience!

Why should you join our team?  Why not?  Our offices perform most of the paperwork included with this position and all you have to do is work.  Why not read the benefits below and see for yourself why joining our team is the right choice.

Some of the added benefits you have by joining our
team include:

  • Ownership in own company
  • Signage and branding
  • Advertising
  • Electronic mobile invoicing system
  • Database
  • Office equipment
  • Full time office support

Full time Customer Service Rep’s are responsible for:

  • Customer service
  • Answering calls
  • Invoicing customers
  • Collections
  • Job Scheduling
  • Customer Renewals
  • Customer Contracts
  • Complaints
  • Estimating
  • Sales

Additional Benefits of Working for Us Include:

  • Drawing off of all crews being out there
  • Production support
  • Someone to always answer phone calls
  • Tight routes
  • Good prices/healthy commissions
  • Business training
  • Financial budgeting
  • Employee training / recruitment
  • Consulting
  • Dispute Resolution
  • No Stress / Very low risk

Email resume and brief covering letter to:

Or send to: Yardworx
71 Skyline Crescent NE
Calgary AB, T2K 5X2

Required Equipment & Estimated Costs

The below information stipulates the estimated cost of acquiring the equipment necessary to service your business.  However, the average annual return on investment is $115,872.33 (based on year round lawn/snow, does not include customer retention benefits).

Spring Summer Fall Winter Estimated Pricing
2 Mowers Y Y Y Y $1,100.00
Trimmer Y Y Y Y $500.00
Blower Y Y Y Y $650.00
Power Rake Y $2,200.00
Hedge Trimmer Y Y Y $450.00
Aerator Y Y $4,500.00
Spreader Y Y Y Y $125.00
Edger Y $650.00
4 Leaf Rakes Y Y $80.00
Push Broom Y Y $30.00
2 Shovels Y $75.00
2 Fuel Cans Y Y Y Y $30.00
4 Tarps Y Y $100.00
Trimmer Line Y Y Y $20.00
Mix Oil Y Y Y Y $40.00
Truck Tarp Y Y Y $160.00
Ride on Mower (Commercial services) Y Y Y $4,500.00
Sweeper (Commercial Services) Y Y $4,000.00
Trailer Y Y Y Y $5,000.00

Average Cost of Start Up Residential Lawn Services


Business Operations Expenses (Monthly) Estimated Pricing
Truck MTH $ 400/month
Clothing $200.00/month
Incorporation (one time) $300.00
Bank Acct $100.00/month
Office $50.00/month
Insurance (Liability and Truck) $300.00/month
Cell Phone $35.00/month
WCB $100.00/month
Total: $1,210.00
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