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Window Cleaning Calgary and Beyond

Whether you need your storefront windows cleaned every month, a clear view from your glass balcony door, or removing grime from your glass pool surround, Yardworx has the experienced team with the right cleaning technology to handle your window cleaning job safely and to your satisfaction. 

In creating the immaculate first impression, we also offer power washing services for the overall cleanliness and maintenance of your property.

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Access to Hard-to-Reach Places

You may have windows that are high up and dangerous to reach with a ladder or at an awkward angle, which you should never attempt on your own. With up-to-date wash technology, our trained professionals will ensure you are satisfied with the cleaning results without worrying about access and safety issues.

Fast and easy service

Our team will wash away dirt and grime from your window sills, so you can spend your weekend relaxing and not worrying about property maintenance.

Window Cleaning Calgary and Edmonton | Yardworx

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Leave A Good Impression to Your Customers

Having clean windows can make a difference to the presentation of your business, that it’s actually part of your advertising.

We Work Well with Your Property Managers to Get the Job Done

From setting up our equipment to cleaning our work area, we promise a smooth finish. We ensure that none of your customers’ or renters’ daily routine gets disrupted.

Window Cleaning Near Me

Your Search for “Window Cleaning Near Me” Stops Here!

Our residential and commercial window cleaners offer services for hotels, shopping centres, apartments, offices, hospitals, schools, and small to multi-storey buildings—anywhere in Calgary or Edmonton.

The Best Window Cleaning Edmonton

Removing Streaks and Grime for Over 30 Years

We’ll make your city views in Calgary clear and streak-free again! Whether your building has large double or triple-glazed windows or high or difficult-to-access upper-storey windows, our team will maintain their attention to detail and care, no matter how big or small the job is.

Yardworx’s Window Cleaners Extend Your Glass Window’s Life

You can book us to clean your windows regularly, and help your business save money on buying new windows by removing dirt and grime build-up.


Yardworx’s window washers use Pure Water Window Cleaning. We make pure water (less than five parts per million of dissolved solids) from your outdoor tap water (in Calgary, this contains over 200 parts per million of dissolved solids*). The tap water runs through a carbon filter, a reverse osmosis filter, AND a de-ionization filter to create clean, pure water.

We begin by cleaning your windows, frames, doors, and sills from the ground up with a brush mounted on a long pole. Then, we use the processed, de-ionized water we bring in our trucks to give the windows a good rinsing.

To achieve a sheet finish on the last rinse, we always rinse in a zigzag pattern and do so twice. The result is sparkling windows that keep that way longer than they would if any detergent, cleaning solution, water contaminants, or anything else had been left behind.

This window cleaning technology reduces the risks of property damage. It ensures a safer work environment by allowing our team to reach over awkward angles and clean all the windows, sills, and frames from the ground. For homeowners, this means added privacy as nobody will have to stand in front of their bedroom window.

This tried-and-true way to clean windows only works if you let the de-ionized water that is still on the windows left to dry. Wiping it off with some cloth may leave your windows with spots.

We can provide a one-time, thorough window cleaning or schedule regular cleanings of your windows weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or at any other intervals that you may need.

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Other Summer Services

Hedge Trimming

We provide a minor hedge trimming service for homes and commercial properties in Calgary and Edmonton. This is for any properties with hedges or bushes under six feet tall where new growth needs to be manicured to the shape of the existing hedge.

Tree Pruning

More comprehensive pruning of trees is also available for homes and commercial premises in Calgary with trees, hedges or shrubs over six feet tall. A certified arborist will identify any diseases or concerns about your trees, hedges, and shrubs and provide a quote to prune, treat, or remove features or even stumps.

Fertilization & Weed Control

A well-tended lawn will normally hinder the growth of weeds naturally. However, if you have a weed problem, it can be a vicious circle. Weeds should be removed as early as possible in the summer (even better in the springtime). Don’t leave it until they have taken a stranglehold on your lawn.

Weed control measures can also be taken in the late summer and fall at the same time as we apply fertilizer to your lawn. We guarantee that the weeds will be gone after the second application or we will repeat the procedure for free.

Lawn Aeration

Core aeration ensures that air and water circulation are optimized, dead thatch is removed, and new growth is stimulated. That makes for thick, luscious green grass that all the family can enjoy in the warmer months. A few simple procedures are all it takes to get your lawn ready for healthy growth in the months ahead.

Why Choose Yardworx

Yardworx is the one-stop-shop for lawn care in Calgary and Edmonton. Our 30 years of experience gives us the expertise to get the job done right.

Flat Rate Plan

For a set monthly rate, our crews will visit your residence to remove the snow after every snowfall. This package is unlimited – we’ll come every day if needed.

Save Time & Labour

Our services will save you time and labour, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your life

Insured & Bonded

We are insured and bonded to ensure a property owner is never negatively affected.​

Easy Ordering

Our online booking tool makes our services very accessible. That means you can order tonight, at home in your pyjamas. It’s that easy!

Lawn Care Edmonton
Book with us in 2 simple steps

Step 1Book your services 24/7 through our online form

Step 2: We will schedule your services based on your postal code. Every postal code has a designated day of the week from Tuesday to Thursday. The crew may alter the day slightly due to their schedules and weather but do their best to keep as close to the same day each week.

Please note that we try to have every property serviced in a timely manner but all services are weather dependent.

We always pick up the phone, and we’re looking forward to speaking with you—so give us a call or order online.

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