Tree Care

The Affordable Tree Care in Calgary and Edmonton

Trees can define your driveway, cool your home, and overall drive up the value of your home! Yardworx is the tree expert in Calgary and Edmonton to help ensure that all of your Hedge, Shrub & Tree under six ft. are pruned, trimmed, and shaped to welcome new growth and are always within the desired height & width.

We are dedicated to providing progressive and sustainable solutions to tree issues and problems. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and trained to provide your trees with proper care.

The Tree Surgeons at Yardworx can help you:

  • Make plants thicker and with fuller foliage
  • Improve tree health
  • Make your plants flower more
  • Make your plants look better
  • Make sure your plants are kept at desired size
Tree Care

The Best Tree Service in Alberta

Tree Pruning Service

Your Yardworx tree pruner has the expertise to know which branches should be removed to make your trees healthier. Your Calgary tree professional knows how to do the best way to cut tree branches to ensure your tree gets good light and air circulation to boost structural strength and make your tree look more attractive.

Tree Trimming Service

Your Yardworx tree trimmer helps Calgary & Edmonton business owners make their property more attractive to prospective clients. Trimming tree limbs boost the curb appeal of your Edmonton property and is a pre-emptive measure to prevent damages from falling trees and branches. Our tree specialist can predict growth patterns and decide which branches to trim.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming Service

We also offer professional hedge trimming service in Calgary and beyond. Our shrub and hedge trimming professionals have the know-how in cutting your hedges to liven up your landscape. Our team has the skills to help disease-affected parts of the hedge to catch up with the healthy plant and ensure that sunlight can reach all the leaves on your hedges and shrubs.

The Fast and Efficient Tree Cutting Company in Alberta

Our professional tree trimming and pruning services ensure that the job is done carefully and quickly. Our team adheres to the safety requirements in trimming tree limbs to ensure that no damage is done to your property and your neighbours’.

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