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tree service calgary and edmontonTree pruning, trimming, and other tree care services are essential if you’re looking for healthy growth and a fine, manicured appearance to your garden.

Trees, hedges, and shrubs are busy growing right until winter sets in so they demand your attention or they can start to look a little out-of-control.

Besides that, city bylaws in Calgary and Edmonton make it a requirement for property owners to look after their trees for both aesthetic and safety purposes.

If all that sounds like hard work, you’re right – it can be.

However, at Yardworx we have a crew that specializes in tree services.

Our certified arborists have the expertise to ensure that properties around Calgary and Edmonton are in shape with their tree care standards.

Why is it important to take care of your trees?

Apart from the aesthetics and promoting healthy growth, there is a responsibility for property owners to take care of their trees in both Calgary and Edmonton.

In Calgary

The City of Calgary oversees the maintenance of trees and shrubs on public sidewalks and boulevards. It sees it as a duty to “enhance our urban forest”.

The City also has a team to enforce the maintenance of trees and shrubs on private property, in order to ensure “that our communities remain beautiful”.

According to the bylaw:

“Homeowners and/or occupants must keep hedges, trees and shrubs on their property trimmed so they don't interfere with pedestrians on the sidewalks or vehicles using the street or alley.”

The City also provides guidance on how to maintain citizen-owned trees and has bylaws aimed at the protection of trees within the city.

In Edmonton

The City of Edmonton also takes its trees seriously.

Elm trees are one of the most attractive features of Edmonton’s streets and the city has one of the largest concentrations of American elms (without Dutch elm disease) in the world. They are protected to “ensure that the trees remain free of insects and disease”.

The City has a tree-pruning team that prunes elms every four years and all other trees approximately every seven years.

Edmonton's Community Standards Bylaw regulates trees on city boulevards, overhanging trees on sidewalks, noxious weeds and landscaping requirements. It also requires you to maintain the trees on the perimeter of your property.

There is a well-developed process for residents to report complaints about trees and shrub maintenance. This makes it essential for every homeowner in the city with trees and shrubs growing on their property to regularly take measures to care for their trees:

“Prune trees and shrubs around your yard so they do not overhang or block pedestrians or motorists using the sidewalks and roads beside your property.”

Note that elm pruning in Edmonton is only allowed between October 1 and March 31.

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Our Pricing

The City bylaws are important. However, even without these, the natural pride that comes from a well-kept garden means that regular pruning and trimming of trees, shrubs, and hedges are essential.

The fall and throughout the winter are great times to attend to your trees so that when the growing seasons come round again, they are in the best of health and ready to go. However, tree trimming and pruning may also be performed throughout the spring and summer, if necessary.

Tree Pruning

On-site Free estimate
  • Available year-round*
  • Pruning trees over six-feet tall
  • Removing overgrown branches
  • Tree stump grinding available upon request

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

From $62
per man hour
  • 2 hour minimum
  • Available to both residential and commercial
  • Minor hedge and shrubs trimming
  • Manicuring new growth on hedges under 6 ft.

Tree Trimming

On-site Free estimate
  • Available year-round
  • Trimming trees under six-feet tall
  • Trimming diseased branches or deadwood
  • Debris removal available upon request

Our Tree Services

The Yardworx team provides tree pruning, as well as hedge and shrub trimming services for residential and commercial properties in Calgary and Edmonton.

We provide specific care for all trees, hedges and shrubs. As well as shaping and trimming the new growth to maintain their optimum height and width, we also help identify issues and prevent disease.

Tree Pruning

We will prune trees, hedges and shrubs over six-feet tall, removing overgrown branches so that they are ready for the next phase of growth.

A certified arborist will also pick out any disease or concerns and even quote to remove trees from your property either in Calgary or Edmonton.

Tree pruning services can be performed all year round on some trees but only within strictly limited periods on others (see FAQs for further details).

We also provide tree stump grinding services in Calgary.

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

We can all agree that a well-trimmed hedge is preferable to a scraggly, yellowish, unkempt one.

Residential and commercial hedge and shrub trimming services help your garden keep a lush and manicured look that complements your finely tended lawn.

As well as keeping the size and shape you want, trimming hedges contributes to their ongoing health. Regular trimming rather than hard pruning generally promotes the growth of hedges and shrubs.

Our standard hourly services are available in Calgary and Edmonton and include manicuring new growth on hedges or bushes under six feet in height.

Tree Trimming

Trimming services are provided for trees and shrubs under six feet tall in Calgary and Edmonton.

Our team will trim the diseased branches or deadwood that often grows unnecessarily and may start to damage the tree or shrub. This can generally be performed all year round and will promote healthy growth in the future.

Regular trimming may be preferable to hard pruning but speak to one of our professionals who can help you decide which tree care service you need.

Please Note
The above tree care services are hourly services. Debris removal can be provided at an additional charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hedges should generally be pruned in late winter when they are dormant and have not produced buds.

Trimming can be performed several times throughout the year to promote healthy growth

Trees need pruning to help maintain their growth, structure, and integrity and to ensure they receive an adequate supply of sunlight and air.

Without pruning, they may be more susceptible to broken limbs and falling branches (putting people and other plants at risk) and the spread of disease.

In short, pruning trees helps them reach their full potential and live a long life.

Trees are a little like humans – they require personalized treatment depending on how they’re designed!

Elms can only be pruned between October 1 to March 31. This is important because of Dutch elm disease, which had not been seen in Alberta for over 20 years until recently.

We take this disease seriously. After reports of trees in Lethbridge testing positive for Dutch elm disease, it is even more important that residents of Calgary and Edmonton keep within guidelines and protect our beautiful trees.

This is also a great time to prune flowering or fruiting trees, and even shrubs like lilacs, etc.

Pruning while growth is dormant encourages new growth when the weather turns warmer and the lack of leaves also makes it easy to identify branches and limbs requiring removal.

If your hedges need a heavy trim (taken down by a quarter or more) this could be done at the same time.

Maples, however, are best pruned in late summer and into the fall or winter.

In summer, pruning is still sometimes possible but younger trees may experience greater stress due to the heat and other elements.

Both trimming and pruning lead to healthier, better-looking trees, shrubs and hedges.

Growth should be uniform with the dead or dying branches trimmed back at least once or twice a year – more in the case of some species.

Trimming is a term usually used for shrubs, hedges, and small trees under six feet tall. Think of it as small-scale pruning, where we cut back branches to stimulate growth.

Tree pruning is a larger-scale operation carried out on trees over six feet tall. We remove loose limbs and, if necessary, reshape the tree.

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Book with us in 2 Simple Steps

We always pick up the phone, and we’re looking forward to speaking with you—so give us a call or order online. Please note that we try to have every property serviced in a timely manner but all services are weather dependent.

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