Snow Removal

Snow Removal in Calgary and Edmonton

Alberta weather is unlike any other weather in the world.

Winter can be long, cold and unpredictable, especially in Calgary and Edmonton.

Yardworx has been operating in Alberta for more than 25 years, no one understands Alberta winter like we do.

This winter, let our Yardworx professionals take care of your snow removal tasks.

What Does Yardworx Offer?

Snow Removal Calgary and Edmonton

At Yardworx, we offer both residential and commercial services. This includes snow shovelling, sidewalk snow and ice removal, ice chipping and melting, snow plowing, snow hauling, and heavy equipment services.

We offer our customers in the Calgary and Edmonton area a flat monthly rate for both residential and commercial winter services.

Our customers also have 24/7 access to our crew through an online booking system, making us very reliable when extreme weather strikes.

Our Winter Monthly Plans include:

  • Snow clearing within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall
  • Unlimited visits after every snowfall – this means if it snows for 30 days/month, we will make 30 visits
  • Flexible billing date range

What’s Included in Our Monthly Plan

  • Residential snow removal monthly plan entails clearing the front walk and the walk to the front door.
  • Commercial snow removal monthly plan includes unlimited sidewalk clearing. Our crew will visit your property 24 hours after every snowfall.
  • Parking lot services are also available for commercial properties. We offer plow and bobcat services, or larger equipment depending on the size of the lot.

What’s Not Included in Our Monthly Plan

Ice melt services are not included in our monthly plan for both commercial and residential customers. About one pound of ice removal clears about 30-40 feet of sidewalk. This service costs $2 per pound as well as $62.50 per worker per hour.

Gravel and snow hauling services are also not included in the monthly plan for commercial customers.

Any additional plows over the first two in the month are not part of the monthly commercial plan.

Our Pricing

We offer a very simple and fair pricing system that many customers love. To request an estimate or order a service, please fill out our online form or call our office today at (403) 520-5000.




Residential Properties Residential Properties
At Yardworx, we start all residential snow removal projects with a minimum monthly rate of $159.50. This includes your front walk and the walk to the front door. If you wish to add any additional areas, driveway, corner lot, oversized lot, back area and deck/patio snow clearing are offered at an additional cost.
Commercial Properties Commercial Properties
Your rate will be determined based on your property’s square footage and high traffic area will be taken into account. Our crew can come out more than once per day. If a client needs more than one service per day, the additional visits are $62.50/hour with a minimum of one hour per visit.
Parking Lot Services Parking Lot Services
We usually set clients up on a 2-plow container system, which means they pay the “per time” plot rate twice per month whether it snows or not. This covers the first two snowfalls. Additional snowfall services cost $200 per visit.
Snow Hauling Services Snow Hauling Services
Snow hauling is charged hourly at $350 per hour. This includes the bobcat and one dump truck. Additional bobcats/dump trucks are prorated at $160.00 per piece per hour.

Certified Professionals

Our Yardworx professionals are certified ASCA service providers. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction

ASCA - Accredited Snow Contractors Association certified
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Our Other Winter Services

  • We offer gravel and sanding services, as these are critical during the cold winter months. It is highly recommended to gravel your parking lots after EACH plow service as the plow and bobcats make the lots very icy. All gravel services are charged at a per time price, and no retainers apply.
  • All in snow removal commercial pricing includes sidewalk clearing, unlimited snow plowing, and unlimited gravelling. Ice melt and snow hauling is additional.
  • One time sidewalk clearing is offered to both commercial and residential customers. The charges are $62.50 per hour. Ice melt is additional.

Why Choose Yardworx?

  • Professional and Experienced – We’ll bring the right tools for the job, every time, for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.
  • Available 24/7 – Customers have 24/7 access to our crew through an online booking system, making us very reliable when extreme weather strikes.
  • Stress-free Services – All of our service providers are ASCA certified, making them very knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  • Complying with City’s Bylaws – Our services will provide your property with an easy and safe access for residents, employees or customers that comply with the City of Calgary or Edmonton’s bylaws.
  • Emergency Responses – We offer emergency responses after a snowstorm. This means that your property is quickly and diligently managed to prevent any accidents or catastrophes.

Many residential and commercial customers trust us in times of harsh winter weather. Contact Yardworx for winter snow removal services in Calgary and Edmonton today!


What is my monthly rate for snow removal?
The minimum charge is $159.50 and includes the front city walk and the walk to the front door. Additional charges apply for areas such as driveways, patios or decks or if the house sits on a corner lot. The cost will depend on how many additional areas the customer is looking to have cleared.
Can I sign up for half a month, or a portion of the season?
Yes, you can sign up for Snow Services on either the 1st or the 15th of the month & end their contract on the 15th or the last day of the month. This allows for you to sign up for the first or last half of a month of your choosing.
Do I have to sign up for Ice Melt?
No, you do not have to sign up for Ice Melt however, Yardworx does not hold any liability including but not limited to incidents such as slips or falls on your property.
Can you only clear a portion of my driveway? I only use a portion of the driveway.
No, we do edge to edge down to pavement. If you would like your driveway cleared, we will need to clear the whole area for liability reasons. If you are adamant that we only clear a portion – we can see about having them sign off on a liability release.
Can I pay your crew with cash? I don’t have a credit card.
No, our crew does not accept payment. We require a credit card to put on file but you can pay via Cheque or E-Transfer. Payment is collected at the end of each month after services have been rendered.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer 5% discount for seniors and a 5% to 10% discount if both you and your neighbor sign up.

What Customers Say About Us


"Absolutely satisfied with the work done by the Yardworx crew. They were so efficient the only way I knew that they did my yard maintenance was by the aeration on my lawn. I have booked them again in the spring and will most assuredly recommend them to anyone looking for a fabulous yard maintenance crew, Thumbs up 5 stars."

Lillian Horudko, Calgary

5.0 5.0

"I am very pleased with the quality of work by the team who does my yard. The yard always looks good and they have never forgotten to make sure that the gate is latched so the dog cannot escape. They are in and out very quickly, and show up on the days I expect them. Excellent service and will be renewing for a third year. I have recommended them to others as well."

Louis D.