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Lawn Maintenance Calgary & Edmonton

Lawn Maintenance CalgaryDuring the spring, summer, and fall in Calgary and Edmonton, lawn maintenance should be high on your list of priorities as you try to get your garden looking the part.

Whether at home or within a commercial property, a well-maintained lawn is a standout feature that can make or break a garden’s appearance.

However, many property owners cannot achieve that finely-manicured look they crave, no matter how hard they work on it.

That’s where we can help.

Not only will we do all the things that you don’t have time to do. The Yardworx team will bring over 25 years of expertise to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

We will help you maintain a picture-perfect lawn either at home or on the grounds of your commercial property in Calgary or Edmonton.

Why Is Lawn Maintenance Important?

Despite the best intentions of property owners, many lawns around Calgary and Edmonton fall short with maintenance. Maintaining lawns and ensuring healthy growth takes a lot of work, time and expertise that many home and business owners don’t have.

Anyway, doesn’t it always rain on the weekends when you plan to mow the lawn?

If you neglect vital maintenance in the spring, summer and fall, your lawn will never look up to scratch.

The best plan is for regular maintenance as lawns love consistency.

Weekly cuts throughout the growing months will keep your lawn healthy and weed-free. An actively growing lawn will actually choke out weeds naturally so that you may not even need a weed killer.

We maintain lawn grass at around 2.5 inches in length. If you allow your grass to grow to 4-6 inches, cutting it will send it into shock and the tips will turn brown as if they were burned.

Along with cutting and trimming, we will bag or mulch clippings, remove debris, and sweep up behind us.

The effort we put in will help to protect your lawn and keep it healthy all year round.

Our Lawn Maintenance Pricing

Holiday Lawn Maintenance

From $62
Per Cut
  • Healthy lawn while you're on vacation
  • $62.50 – $115.50 per cut
  • Available for 2-3 weeks of service

Weekly Cut & Trim

From $39
Per Cut
  • Healthy lawn throughout the whole summer
  • $39.00 – $83.00 per cut
  • Available between May and October
  • Available to both residential & commercial

One Time Cut & Trim

From $62
Per Man Hour
  • One hour minimum
  • Available for 2-3 weeks of service
  • Available between May and October
  • Available to both residential & commercial

Additional Yard Maintenance Services

Senior Discount:
We offer 5% off all services for seniors in Calgary and Edmonton.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in straight up service for a straight up price. You will never see ‘additional’ surprise charges or hidden fees on your invoice.

Superior Customer Service

We actually pick up our phones and reply to your emails right away! You hired us to save you time, not waste your time.

Insured & Bonded

Many service providers do not carry the proper insurance which could leave you vulnerable to damages and even lawsuits! Yardworx is fully insured and bonded.

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance EdmontonInstead of spending your precious weekends behind a lawnmower, wouldn’t you rather be out enjoying the weather?

Or just relaxing on the deck with a refreshing beverage?

Our Calgary and Edmonton yard maintenance services help you enjoy plenty of spare time while we put the hard work into your lawn – without you lifting a finger.

With regularly scheduled visits, your lawn will be the best for miles around.

Residential Weekly Package​

With our residential weekly package for Calgary and Edmonton homes, we perform essential lawn maintenance weekly from May 1 to October 15. On each visit, the Yardworx crew will:

With mulching, the grass clippings are cut into fine pieces. These are easily broken down by soil microorganisms, which releases nutrients back into the soil: great for healthy grass! We recommend bagging for fast growing and lush lawns.

Commercial Weekly Package​

With our monthly commercial lawn care package, we perform essential lawn maintenance weekly on a monthly contract, from April 15 to October 15. On each visit to your premises, the Yardworx crew will:
Another regular schedule may be organized, if more appropriate.

Holiday Lawn Maintenance

Going on vacation for a few weeks?

Don’t forget that your lawn is staying at home. You can’t pack it.

While you’re away, the Yardworx team can visit your property and tend to the cutting, trimming, mulching and general maintenance that will keep your lawn healthy for when you get back.

One Time Cut & Trim

Perhaps work has got the better of you this past couple of weeks or you’ve had other things to tend to. You may not need a regular maintenance package for your lawn but that’s OK: you can book a one time cut and trim.

Our crew will visit your home or business any time between May and October and mow your lawn professionally, trimming wherever needed with the grass trimmer and leaving everything neat and tidy for when you get home from work.

Other Related Yard Maintenance Services

Hedge Trimming

We provide a minor hedge trimming service for homes and commercial properties in Calgary and Edmonton. This is for any properties with hedges or bushes under six feet tall where new growth needs to be manicured to the shape of the existing hedge.

This is an hourly service, billed at $62.50 per man hour, plus bag removal at $3.50 per bag.

Tree Pruning

More comprehensive pruning of trees is also available for homes and commercial premises in Calgary with trees, hedges or shrubs over six feet tall.

A certified arborist will identify any diseases or concerns about your trees, hedges, and shrubs and provide a quote to prune, treat, or remove features or even stumps.

Fertilization & Weed Control

A well-tended lawn will normally hinder the growth of weeds naturally. However, if you have a weed problem, it can be a vicious circle. Weeds should be removed as early as possible in the summer months (even better in the springtime). Don’t leave it until they have taken a stranglehold on your lawn.

Weed control measures can also be taken in the late summer and fall at the same time as we apply fertilizer to your lawn. We guarantee that the weeds will be gone after the second application or we will repeat the procedure for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Services are billed once completed. Please provide credit card details upfront when booking. We process payments weekly in the summer and monthly in the winter.

We service properties according to postal codes – certain areas of Calgary and Edmonton are serviced each day of the week. Out of necessity, with the unpredictable weather, we build some flexibility into the schedule for our crews.

If you call our office, we can provide more specific information according to your postal code.

Typically, the grass is cut to between two and two-and-half-inches. If you want your lawn cut shorter or longer, our crew can accommodate your preferences.

You can book weekly lawn services from May to mid-October. A minimum of four consecutive weeks is required when booking.

If the grass is less than 5 inches, we will treat it as a regular cut. If the grass is over 5 inches, it takes the crew longer to cut it or sometimes it might require our crew to go over it twice or trim it all down, bag it, and cut it with the mower etc.

Our five-inch policy was put in place to ensure the crews are compensated for their time.

If the grass on your lawn is five inches or longer at the time of the first cut, we will charge the hourly rate of $62.50 per man per hour with a one-man-hour minimum and the clippings will be bagged and removed for $3.50/bag of debris.

We suggest starting cuts with the Spring Clean Up and then keep weekly cuts going to avoid potential hourly charges on the first service. Spring Clean Up should be booked as early as possible so we can schedule your service at the beginning of the season.

Why Choose Yardworx

Yardworx is the one-stop-shop for lawn care in Calgary and Edmonton. Our 30 years of experience gives us the expertise to get the job done right.

Flat Rate Plan

For a set monthly rate, our crews will visit your residence to remove the snow after every snowfall. This package is unlimited – we’ll come every day if need be.

Save Time & Labour

Our services will save you time and labour, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your life

Insured & Bonded

We are insured and bonded to ensure a property owner is never negatively affected.​

Easy Ordering

Our online booking tool makes our services very accessible. That means you can order tonight, at home in your pyjamas. It’s that easy!

Book with us in 2 simple steps

Step 1Book your services 24/7 through our online form

Step 2: We will schedule your services based on your postal code. Every postal code has a designated day of the week from Tuesday to Thursday. The crew may alter the day slightly due to their schedules and weather but do their best to keep as close to the same day each week.

Please note that we try to have every property serviced in a timely manner but all services are weather dependent.

We always pick up the phone, and we’re looking forward to speaking with you—so give us a call or order online.

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