Lawn Maintenance Calgary & Edmonton

Lawn Care Calgary

Tired of doing all your own lawn maintenance?

Disappointed at how your lawn looks even after all that hard work?

Take a break and let our team of professionals at Yardworx do it for you.

Lawn Maintenance Calgary

We’ll give you a picture-perfect lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbours.

By hiring Yardworx professionals for your lawn maintenance services in Calgary and Edmonton, you won’t have to touch a lawn mower again.

Spring and Summer Lawn Maintenance Plan

Yardworx offers a spring and summer lawn maintenance plan that’s perfect for all homeowners.

Our plan is available in Calgary and Edmonton and runs from  May 1st to October 15th. 

<b>Lawn Mowing Package</b> Lawn Mowing Package

Starting from $39 per visit

We offer weekly cut and trim for residential customers. These packages are charged weekly.

  • Best way to keep your lawn maintained and healthy throughout the whole summer
  • Pick up any small debris or garbage that has blown into your yard
  • Trim the edges as necessary with a grass trimmer – including around trees and posts
  • Blow or sweep the cut grass off sidewalks and pathways

You can opt for having your grass clippings mulched or bagged and removed (for an additional fee of $3.50 per bag).

We can also pick up dog droppings for an additional fee.

Our Pricing

(pricing based on properties ranging from under 2,500sq ft up to 13,000sq ft)
Included Services Pricing
Weekly Cut & Trim (May-Oct) $39.00 – $83.00 /cut
Holiday Cut & Trim (maintained lawns) $62.50 – $115.50 /cut
Hedge Trimming $62.50 per man hour
(2 man hour minimum)
Bed Maintenance $62.50 per man hour
  • Special Senior Discount: We offer 5% off all services for seniors in Calgary and Edmonton.

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Why You Need Yardworx to Maintain Your Lawn

Lawn Maintenance Edmonton

Maintaining a good looking and healthy lawn is a lot of work.

You have to pick up sticks and branches, cut the grass, bag or mulch the clippings, trim the edges, and sweep the grass off the sidewalks.

Plus, you have to do all this while fighting the weather. (Why does it always rain on the weekend?)

Instead of spending your precious weekend afternoons behind a lawnmower, wouldn’t you rather be out enjoying the spring and summer weather?

  • Maybe play a little golf or tennis, or go for a long walk?
  • Or just relax on the deck with a refreshing beverage?


Claim your summer back!

Your free time is valuable.

You shouldn’t spend it doing boring lawn maintenance – not when you can have someone else do the heavy lifting for you.

The lawn maintenance experts at Yardworx will mow your lawn, take care of the bagging and mulching and edging, and clean up everything afterward.

We’ll do all the hard work, and you get to enjoy every minute of our beautiful Canadian summers.

Even better, we’ll give you the best-looking lawn in the neighbourhood.

Our lawn maintenance professionals know the right way to mow and edge your lawn.

We create the kind of professional landscapes that you’ve always dreamed of – no more shoddy cuts and shaggy edges.

With regularly scheduled visits, your lawn will enjoy weekly haircuts and trim, ensuring a healthy-looking lawn.

Once the trim has been completed, we always blow off your walkways to give your yard a well maintained and clean look.

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Why Choose Yardworx

Yardworx is the premier lawn care specialist in the Calgary and Edmonton areas.

Over 30 Years of Experience Over 30 Years of Experience
We know what we’re doing

Reliable Service Reliable Service
We show up when we say we’ll show up

Competitive Pricing Competitive Pricing
No hidden fees

Insured and Bonded Insured and Bonded
You can trust us

Satisfaction Guaranteed Satisfaction Guaranteed
We always make it right

24/7 Online Access 24/7 Online Access
Reschedule or cancel services at any time

Book with us in 2 simple steps

Lawn Services in Calgary and EdmontonStep 1: Book your services 24/7 through our online form

Step 2: We will schedule your services based on your postal code. Every postal code has a designated day of the week from Tuesday to Thursday. The crew may alter the day slightly due to their schedules and weather but do their best to keep as close to the same day each week.

Please note that we try to have every property serviced in a timely manner but all services are weather dependent.

We always pick up the phone, and we’re looking forward to speaking with you—so give us a call or order online.

Order Your Lawn Care Services in Calgary and Edmonton Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the level of the blade at the time of the lawn cut?
Typically, 2- 2/12” the crew can accommodate if the client likes the lawn cut longer or shorter.

When will my lawn services be completed?
Each property is serviced on a day of the week by postal code, if you call our office, we would be happy to let you know. The crew’s do have a day on either side of the day to service the property due to weather.

How are my services billed?
Services are billed once completed; we do require a credit card up front when booking for the payment of the services. We process payments weekly in the summer and monthly in the winter.

Can you call me prior to servicing my property?
We do not call prior to servicing the property unless you have irrigation, locked gates or dogs. This way you can mark the irrigation if you are having an aeration service completed, unlock the gates and clean up the dog debris.

What is your cancellation policy?
Termination of service requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice by telephone, fax or email. All services performed or scheduled up to the end of 48-hour termination notice will be due and payable immediately.

Do I have to sign up for lawn services for the entire season?
You can book weekly lawn services from May to Mid-October, a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks is required when booking.

What Customers Say About Us


"Absolutely satisfied with the work done by the Yardworx crew. They were so efficient the only way I knew that they did my yard maintenance was by the aeration on my lawn. I have booked them again in the spring and will most assuredly recommend them to anyone looking for a fabulous yard maintenance crew, Thumbs up 5 stars."

Lillian Horudko, Calgary

5.0 5.0

"I am very pleased with the quality of work by the team who does my yard. The yard always looks good and they have never forgotten to make sure that the gate is latched so the dog cannot escape. They are in and out very quickly, and show up on the days I expect them. Excellent service and will be renewing for a third year. I have recommended them to others as well."

Louis D.