Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization in Calgary and Edmonton

A lawn that is fertilized in the spring and at least once at the end of the summer and once in the fall will look great year-round.

Lawn fertilization delivers the right nutrients and promotes healthy growth in the warmer months so by the time winter arrives, it is ready for a rest and rejuvenation. 

Thick, luscious, weed-free grass looks and feels great when you spend time in the yard with the family – or when you earn admiring glances from customers and visitors to your business premises. 

Regular lawn fertilization and garden maintenance will keep your property looking its best.

Lawn Fertilization in Calgary and Edmonton​

The lawn fertilization process has different requirements in different locations, though. Soil profiles vary and you need to get the blend of fertilizers right. That’s where our professional experience and attention to detail provides an edge for customers with homes or businesses in Calgary and Edmonton.

Why is it important to fertilize your lawn?

Your lawn needs nutrients for healthy growth, like all living things. Lawns are hungry beasts and need more nutrients than they can usually absorb from the soil. They face considerable stress from the extended winters here in Calgary and Edmonton and they may not receive all the nutrients they require from natural processes.

That’s where you, as a home or business owner, can help with a little tender loving care for your lawn: with regular fertilization and weed control. An unfertilized lawn is unlikely to ever reach that lovely luscious and thick state that we all love.

Beneath the lush grass of a well-fertilized lawn is a healthier plant and root system that helps it combat the heat, cold, drought and other stresses that Calgary and Edmonton lawns face.

Fertilizing at different times with different blends

Fertilizing your lawn before and during the growing months provides the nutrients and energy it needs for healthy  growth. Then in the fall when plants store nutrients in the roots for the dormant season, fertilizing your lawn will bring health and hardiness to your lawn in preparation for the freezing winter months.

While it’s important to fertilize your lawn enough, be careful not to over-fertilize it. Make sure you leave enough time between applications and avoid fertilizing in hot dry periods or your grass could burn. Be sure to always use a slow-release fertilizer that reduces the intensity of the nutrients and enables long-term uptake.

At Yardworx, our team is familiar with the optimal times to fertilize lawns in Calgary and Edmonton so that you don’t have to worry about it. We use high-quality, slow-release fertilizers that provide proper balanced nutrition over time.

Our Fertilization Pricing


From $73
per application
  • High quality & slow release fertilizer
  • Safe for pets & kids

Fertilization & Weed Control

From $292
per 4 applications
  • 4 applications required
  • Weed control guarantee
  • Available to both residential and commercial

Fertilization & Weed Control (Liquid)

From $73
per application
  • High quality liquid application
  • Safe for pets & kids

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Our Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Packages

We have packages available that include multiple lawn fertilization applications (which vary based upon location) and that can also include weed control if weeds are already present.

These packages are designed for both residential and commercial properties in Calgary and Edmonton.

Liquid fertilization

You can choose to have the lawn fertilization performed as a stand-alone treatment or with weed control. This service is provided in the spring, early summer, late summer, and fall.

We use high-quality, slow-release fertilizer that shouldn’t ever burn your lawn. However, you must water the lawn the day after fertilizer is applied. It will be safe for pets and kids to walk on after you water it.

Granular fertilization

A granular lawn fertilizer application is applied over the entire lawn using a spreader. Similar to Liquid Fertilization service, this is offered in the spring, early summer, late summer, and fall.

We use high-quality, slow-release fertilizer that shouldn’t ever burn your lawn.

Fertilization & Weed Control Program

At present, our fertilization and weed control program is available to residential and commercial properties in Calgary only. This is a four-step process, whereby liquid fertilizer and injected weed control applications are completed in the spring, early summer, late summer and fall.

The fertilizer is applied four times to the entire lawn area:

  • Round 1 (Spring starter)
  • Round 2 (Intensifier)
  • Round 3 (Summer Beautifier)
  • Round 4 (Early Fall)
An optional Round 5 (Winterizer) uses a granular fertilizer that further protects and strengthens your lawn during the winter months. Our team uses Killex (™) or Par III (™) to treat the weeds without damaging the lawn itself and we only apply weed control on weeds that are already present.

If you book all four applications of our fertilizer and weed control program, you are protected by our weed control guarantee: If you find that there are still weeds growing after the second application, we will come and apply a spot weed application for free.

You must water the lawn the day after the fertilizer service is completed. The fertilizer is applied in droplet form using dual hoses to inject weed control into the fertilizer mix wherever weeds are present. We do NOT mist spray.

Note that your lawn will be safe for pets and kids to walk on after you water it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend fertilizing your lawn at least twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. For healthy summer growth, you may also want to consider early summer.

If you have an irrigation system or water regularly, are on a weekly lawn mowing schedule, and also power rake and aerate your lawn yearly, fertilizing every six weeks throughout the growing season will deliver a thick, healthy, amazing looking lawn.

We recommend making the first fertilizer application between March and early May, depending on how long the winter is. The snow should be completely thawed and all debris removed with a spring-time rake. Clearing the top-layer of thatch will ensure that the fertilizer can be directly applied to the top layer of soil.

Repeat the fertilizer/weed control in the early summer and again in 5-6 weeks later. Do not over fertilize your lawn to avoid burning it.
Fertilizing early in the summer provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to properly deal with the extended periods of intense heat and lack of rain we’ve had in Calgary in recent years. It’s much easier to prevent problems than fix a lawn that is brown and dormant in the middle of the summer.

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall provided it with the essential nutrients to prepare it for the long winter months ahead.

Wait one day after we fertilize your lawn before watering it.

Be careful not to overwater your lawn as it may cause nutrients to leach into storm drains and eventually into our rivers. That’s no good for your lawn or anything else.

We use high-quality, slow-release fertilizer that shouldn’t ever burn your lawn but any fertilizer will do more harm than good if it is left on your grass without water for extended periods in dry heat.

For that reason, it might be best to book our lawn fertilization service before a period of rain is forecast.

Yes. Both the fertilizers and weed control applications we use are safe, pet-friendly and kid-friendly. After you water the lawn the day after we fertilize it, your lawn will be ready for you and your family to enjoy.

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