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Ice Removal Calgary and Edmonton

Here in Calgary, Edmonton and the rest of Alberta, we all know well how the weather can derail plans.

With almost three decades of experience working with property owners in Alberta, there’s not too much that surprises us about the snow, ice, or other elements.

Having plans in place for snow and ice removal around your property during the long cold winters can avoid injury, fines, and disruption to your daily life.

Our team at Yardworx can help you look ahead with confidence that the weather isn’t going to upset your plans this winter.

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One-stop Shop

Yardworx is the one-stop shop for lawn care.

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Yardworx is the one-stop-shop for lawn care in Calgary and Edmonton.

Ice Melt Services in Calgary & Edmonton

With the frequent fluctuations between sub-zero and milder temperatures in Calgary and Edmonton, winter conditions are prime for ice formation. Every winter, home and business owners have to deal with ice forming in the yard, on driveways, on footpaths, in parking lots, and one the roads.

This can be dangerous for you, your family, employees, or visitors (including city crews such as garbage collectors and mail carriers). How do you best prevent hazardous ice build-up around your property and keep things safe?

Ice melting is the most effective answer.

Our crews only use child- and animal-safe ice melt – not salt but a special chemical that works on ice without causing harm to those you live with and take care of. Scheduled visits from our professional ice removal crews ensure that the following areas of residential and commercial properties are kept ice-free even during the depths of winter:

Our professionals identify the most dangerous areas and manage ice removal to keep things safe. Ice chipping is an alternative solution for ice removal in Calgary and Edmonton, where ice has built up and needs to be cleared. We also offer sand and gravel service for difficult areas and commercial properties.

What Are The City Laws For Ice Removal

There are city bylaws governing the clearance of ice from around your home or business.
For instance, in Calgary, property owners are required to:
  • Remove snow and ice – down to the bare surface – from public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Owners of rental properties are responsible for arranging for snow and ice removal when they reside elsewhere.
  • Remove a minimum width of 1.5 meters of snow and ice – down to the bare surface – from a public pathway bordering their property, also within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Applicable pathways are those that run parallel and adjacent to a street, with or without separation between the pathway and street (e.g. a grass boulevard).
In Edmonton you are required to:
  • Clear your sidewalk as soon as possible
  • Work with your neighbours to keep sidewalks clear
  • Keep your waste collection areas free of snow and ice
Failure to follow these guidelines can result in tickets and fines. Regular observation and maintenance during wintertime will mean that you don’t have to worry about meeting these obligations. We observe all city bylaws and, if you receive a ticket from the City while we are looking after the snow and ice removal, we will handle it.

How Do I Keep My Sidewalks Ice-free?

Slips and falls on sidewalks are common in icy weather. Hazardous sidewalks increase your liability if there is an accident or injury caused to a member of the public. However, there is no need to stress. You can keep your sidewalks and other areas free of ice by arranging ice removal with the Yardworx team.

What Does Yardworx Offer?

Our ice melt services cover commercial and residential properties in Calgary and Edmonton. Ice melt bags are charged per pound plus per worker, per hour. Note that about one pound of ice removal clears about 30-40 feet of sidewalk.

In addition, we also offer flat-rate winter monthly plans for residential properties. Our crew will remove snow from your sidewalks every day it snows.

A five percent discount applies to seniors and there are discounts for neighbours too!

Our team of professionals actively monitors weather conditions so that we are always ready for your call. No contract is required.
Simply book services online at any time 24/7.

We Are Certified Professionals​

Yardworx professionals are members of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) with select management being certified with the association. We work closely together to ensure new Industry Standards are met and exceeded. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction

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