Traction Sand and Gravel

Traction Sand and Gravel in Calgary and Edmonton

We understand Alberta winters because we live here too! So we know that not every snowfall should be managed with the same tools and materials. Our teams will assess each site and snowfall to determine the best action plan, and pay special attention to key areas like ramps and slopes where melting and re-freezing can cause pools of ice to form.

Yardworx uses a variety of tools to increase traction and reduce risk:

  • Gravel: 5-7 ml gravel may be used to provide traction. If needed, we may combine a small amount of Ice Melt into the mixture, which helps the material stick to ice and immediately reduces risk.
  • Sand: Sand is a great option to protect special surfaces like decorative or historic concrete, bricks, and stone. Sometimes, Ice Melt is added to this mixture for maximum hold.
  • Ice Melt: Our crews know when Ice Melt is necessary (up to -30 degrees, when there is moisture in the air) and know how to apply it effectively to reduce environmental impact. It is used only when required for reducing risk quickly, and never to replace the hard work of snow and ice removal.

Certified Professionals

Our Yardworx professionals are certified ASCA service providers. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction

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