Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up Calgary and Edmonton

The clean-up done in your yard in the fall is essential for preparing your lawn for the big winter freeze approaching in Calgary and Edmonton. We know what to expect from our climate, so taking steps to prepare your lawn for a healthy period of “shutdown” during the snow and ice will mean that, come the spring, it’s ready to get growing again!

At Yardworx, we can do the heavy lifting so that you get to enjoy your weekends or look after other responsibilities. We’ll manage the necessary raking, cutting, and aeration that your lawn needs before the temperatures plummet.

Our experience with creating pristine lawns in the warmer months starts in the fall. Use our years of lawn expertise to get your yard in shape for the long winter months ahead. We can even clean up your yard if it is hardscaped, with no lawn!

Our Fall Clean Up Pricing

Basic Fall Clean Up

From $184
per clean up
  • Final grass cut and trim
  • Leaf raking
  • Hauling leaves and debris
  • Debris removal (2 bags included)

Premium Fall Clean Up

From $235
per clean up
  • Final grass cut and trim
  • Leaf raking
  • Hauling leaves and debris
  • Debris removal (2 bags included)
  • Lawn core aeration

One Time Yard Clean Up

From $62
per man hour
  • Available year-round
  • Available for hardscaped yards
  • Blow out the yard
  • Remove all loose debris

Why Choose Yardworx?

One-Stop Shop

One-stop Shop

Yardworx is the one-stop shop for lawn care.

No Hidden Charges

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees, we don’t waste time.

Years of Experience

30 years of experience gives us the expertise to get the job done right.

Best Price

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best value for a great-looking property.

Customer Support

Superior Customer Service

We actually pick up our phones and reply to your emails right away!

Insured & Bonded

We ensure a property owner is never negatively affected.​

Have questions before you order?

Yardworx is the one-stop-shop for lawn care in Calgary and Edmonton.

Why is it important to clean up your lawn?

A lawn that is neglected in the fall will not be magically ready for growth in the spring. To ensure a healthy lawn come April or May, the clean-up work we do in September or October becomes very important.

This includes a final cut, raking leaves to allows your grass to breathe and grow roots, and aerating your lawn. We know how harsh Calgary and Edmonton winters are.

Unless you give your lawn a final trim, take care of the fall leaves, and provide your lawn with the means to access the nutrients it needs before going dormant for the season, it could be in sorry shape when the warmer weather arrives.

A little fall maintenance can also make sure that your lawn irrigation system switches on again without problems when it’s needed in the spring. 

Fall Services

Other Fall Services

Core Aeration

Core aeration ensures that air and water circulation are optimized, dead thatch is removed, and new growth is stimulated.

Fertilization & Weed Control


Achieve a beautiful, lush lawn all-season with our specialized lawn fertilization and weed control treatments.

Irrigation shut down

Frozen irrigation lines can burst during our cold winters and lead to costly repairs in the spring. We can help with irrigation blow out.

Our fall clean-up services for Calgary and Edmonton yards are generally provided during late fall but this depends on the weather. We start the fall clean-up in your yard when 75% of the leaves have fallen and continue until the first snow. If the snow melts, we will continue to offer fall clean-up services for yards until it doesn’t melt anymore.

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