Emergency Snow Removal

Emergency Snow Removal in Calgary and Edmonton

Emergency Snow Removal in CalgaryWhen it snows here in Alberta, it really snows.

You need to clear your sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots as soon as possible.

However, plowing and shovelling everything yourself can be a difficult challenge.

It can cause potential injuries or you may not have the equipment required.

Yardworx offers 24/7 emergency snow removal services for homes and businesses in the Calgary and Edmonton areas.

We do all the work so you don’t have to.

Why Do You Need Emergency Snow Removal?

If you’re a business owner, you want your parking lot and sidewalks cleared before you open the next day.

If you’re a homeowner, you need to get out of your driveway so you can commute to work.

The winter would become more safe and manageable when everyone keeps their sidewalks and lots clear of snow and ice.

Removing snow does not only keep you and your neighbours safe, but it also will prevent you from getting a fine from the city.

Calgary Bylaws

If you fail to remove snow on your property in Calgary, you might get:

  • An invoice from The City for clearing the sidewalk on their behalf. The cost is a minimum flat rate of $150 plus GST and an administration fee. The amount will be added to the owner’s annual property tax if not paid by the invoice due date.
  • A fine of $250 to the property occupant for a first offence.
  • Repeat offenders may be fined $500 for a second offence and $750 for a third offence and each offence thereafter within a 12-month period. Tickets issued to repeat offenders may require a court appearance. Unpaid fines will be collected by the Alberta Registry Service at the time of license or registration renewal.

Find out more about the City of Calgary bylaws here.

Emergency Snow Removal in Edmonton

Edmonton Bylaws

If you fail to remove snow on your property in Edmonton, you might get:

  • A $100 fine plus any potential cleanup costs.

Find out more about the City of Edmonton bylaws here.

How soon do you need to deal with the snow in Calgary and Edmonton?

All property owners in both Calgary and Edmonton have to clear the snow and ice from their sidewalks within 24 hours of when the snow stops.

This includes:

  • Removing snow and ice from public sidewalks bordering your private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. 
  • Remove a minimum width of 1.5 meters of snow and ice from a public pathway bordering their property, also within 24 hours of a snowfall ending.
  • Pile snow from your private driveway or walkway on your own property (e.g. front lawn).
  • Shovel snow from a public sidewalk or pathway onto another public property, such as a road

Owners of rental properties are responsible for arranging for snow and ice removal when they reside elsewhere.

Monthly Flat Rate

Pay for your plan once a month at the beginning of your billing cycle

Saves You Time

Save you time and reduce the physical strain of shovelling your sidewalk

Available 24/7

Book our crew online 24/7, even when extreme weather strikes

Book Services 24/7

What Does Yardworx Offer?

Yardworx offers emergency snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties on-demand.

When it snows and you need your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot cleared, we will make it happen.

Take a look at the snow removal services we offer, which are available when you need them:

Priority Snow Shovelling

This includes city and private sidewalks and pathways, driveways, laneways, stairs, ramps, handrails, parking stalls, fire exits, and other access points.

We'll even shovel paths to your mail and garbage bins and take special care of your deck and patio.

Parking Lot Clearing

No matter the size of your commercial property, we have you covered for all seasons. Our team is certified professionals that are well-equipped with the latest technology.

This service is offered to our commercial customers, including lot sweeping and snow clearing.

Driveway Clearing

Yardworx can provide snow plow services for areas of all sizes, from tight laneways to expansive 50-acre parking lots.

For larger areas like parking lots and laneways in Calgary and Edmonton, our team is equipped with a fleet of tools to get the job done, such as snow plow trucks, graders, sweepers and bobcats.

Sand & Gravel Distribution

We use a variety of tools to provide better traction for vehicles and walking. Our team will assess each site and each snowfall to determine the best action plan.

Our professionals understand Alberta winters so we know to pay special attention to key areas like ramps and slopes where melting and refreezing can cause pools of ice to form.

Our Other Snow Removal Services

  • Ice chipping and removal from sidewalks and pathways.
  • Snow blowing of driveways and sidewalks, (but not before 7:00 am – we don’t want to disturb your neighbours!)

While our crews are at your property, we’ll inspect the entire area for any possible snow or ice-related hazards, and will take care of what we find.

Our Pricing

During our harsh winters, Yardworx’s expert snow removal crews are available 24/7. When we know a storm is coming, we’re on call and ready for action.

You can order your emergency snow removal service through our convenient online system. Our crews are always available to respond to bookings.

You can order emergency snow removal services directly from our website at any time of day or night, any day of the week.

You don’t have to wait for our office to officially open—just go online and tell us what you need.

Our production team will confirm your order and ensure quality service.

No contact forms. No office-hour limits. We’re always available.

Emergency Snow Services

  • Snow Shovelling (1-hour min): $62.50 per man hour
  • Commercial Snow Plowing (2-hour min): $120.00 per hour
  • Parking Lot Graveling: Starting from $243.75
  • Ice Melt*: $2.00 per lb
Winter Services

Why Choose Yardworx

Our professional crews offer a variety of services to ensure your residence remains clear of ice and snow, usually before 2:00 p.m. We’ll bring the right tools for the job, every time, for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Flat Rate Plan

For a set monthly rate, our crews will visit your residence to remove the snow after every snowfall. This package is unlimited – we’ll come every day if need be.

Save Time & Labour

Our services will save you time and labour, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your life

Certified Professionals

All of our service providers are ASCA certified. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

Easy Ordering

Order your services online any time of the day or week, making our services very accessible. That means that you can order tonight, at home in your pyjamas, and we’ll visit tomorrow. It’s that easy!

Weather Monitoring

Our team is constantly tracking weather activity to anticipate major snow events. We know how to prepare for every situation, from overnight ice to steady snowfalls, and are available 24/7 to respond when you need us.


Snow & Ice ByLaws

Bylaws from the City of Calgary & Edmonton states that snow and ice must be removed from City pathways and sidewalks within 24 hours, starting from when the snow stops.
Our team knows these bylaws inside and out, so you can rest assured you won’t be ticketed or fined.

Book with us

Step 1: Book your services 24/7 through our online form. Chances are if there is a snow event happening, our teams will be standing by!

Step 2: Our team will follow up with you on your order to verify your quote and ensure we have all the directions and specifications we need.

Step 3: Our system alerts the crew best suited for your job. The crew will come to you as soon as possible, sometimes immediately.

Crews will arrive at your site within 24 hours (in most cases). When they’re finished, the crew records the completed job with time-stamped photographs.

Once our crew is done, you will be alerted that the job is complete with the photographs to show you that the snow has been safely removed.

Please note that we try to have every property serviced in a timely manner but all services are weather dependent.

We always pick up the phone, and we’re looking forward to speaking with you—so give us a call or order online.

Certified Professionals​

Yardworx professionals are members of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) with select management being certified with the association. We work closely together to ensure new Industry Standards are met and exceeded. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide utmost customer satisfaction

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