Eavestrough Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Calgary and Edmonton

Eavestrough cleaning becomes an essential maintenance task for homeowners in the fall, spring and even throughout the summer.

The leaves on our beautiful city trees look amazing – but as soon as they fall and start collecting in the yard, they can cause problems with drainage and mould unless they are cleared from gutters and downspouts around the roofing.

Rather than scaling ladders and getting your hands dirty, let the Yardworx team do your gutter cleaning in Calgary or Edmonton. We’ll even fix up any gutter problems as part of the service.

Eavestrough cleaning is just one of the many exterior maintenance services we offer, we can also provide window cleaning and power washing services to ensure your home is looking its best.

Gutter Cleaning Calgary and Edmonton

Why should you get your gutters cleaned?

Cleaning gutters out and removing leaf buildup is not many people’s idea of fun. There are better things to do with your weekends, but if you neglect your gutters, you will regret it.

The purpose of gutters and downspouts is to collect rainwater and to channel it away from your roof and away from the foundations of the home, where it can cause damage.

We’re proud of our trees but those falling leaves sure do love the gutters and downspouts in Calgary and Edmonton. Routine gutter maintenance is essential, especially throughout the fall.

Eavestrough Cleaning Calgary and Edmonton

As well as leaves, other debris can gather in gutters too, especially after big storms. Blockages can cause water to overflow and potentially gather around the foundations of the property. From there, it could seep through to the basement or crawl space, causing expensive damage.

In winter, it can result in ice on the driveway or steps, creating hidden hazards for your family and guests. So, the fall is the ideal time of year to give some proper care and attention to the eavestroughs and downspouts.

In extreme cases, blocked, clogged, overloaded gutters may even place extra strain on your roof and fascia, causing roof damage or, worse, roof collapse. Regular cleaning of gutters makes sure that your roof stays free of water and all other unwanted materials.

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Our Pricing

For eavestrough cleaning, pricing is determined per foot. We can provide a quote over the phone for homes but, for businesses, a crew will need to visit and quote on-site.

Eavestrough Cleaning

Free estimate
  • Available to both residential and commercial
  • Gutters and downspouts cleaning
  • Tighten loose screws or nails
  • Clean out any debris

Fall Clean-Up Package

From $235
per cleanup
  • Final cut and trim & leaf raking
  • Hauling leaves and debris from the lawn
  • Lawn core aeration included
  • Debris removal (2 bags included)

Spring Gold Package

From $251
per cleanup
  • Power raking
  • Blow out of beds & hedges
  • First cut and trim
  • Core aeration

What's Included in Our Services

Gutter/Eavestrough Cleaning

This is a comprehensive cleaning service for gutters and downspouts. Our crews will:

  • Check the eavestroughs
  • Clean out any debris
  • Tighten loose screws or nails
  • Do light caulking, if required
  • Clean out the downspouts
  • Thoroughly rinse out the eavestroughs and downspouts
Our crew will require access to water from the outside hose and this will be used as part of the cleaning process to ensure that all potential clogs and leaves are removed. We will remove all gutter debris and then flush out your gutters.

Performing a thorough clean like this at least twice a year will help to ensure proper drainage and avoid the types of problems that can lead to water damage. If your roof is walkable, our crews will walk around the top of your roof and clean everything out by hand.

If it is not walkable, we use ladder standoffs so your eavestroughs are not leaned on while your house is being serviced. If the eavestroughs have a gutter guard attached, we can also remove the guard and clean it (for an additional charge). We can also take Christmas lights down.

Please note that this service is available for up to three-storey eavestroughs.

Downspout Repairs

Our crew will check your gutters to ensure that they are securely attached to the fascia and repair any damaged sections with a sealant.

If the downspouts or guttering require more extensive repairs, our crew will arrange to fix the following (additional fees will apply for parts):

  • Replacing an entire downspout
  • Replacing a bend in the downspout
  • Re-routing a downspout to make sure water is going to the proper areas
The above repair services will help avoid the problem of water puddles and ice puddles in the winter. This service incurs a minimum of two hours unless booked at the same time as a gutter cleaning service (when a one-hour minimum applies).

How often should you clean your eavestrough?

It’s best to clean your eavestroughs at least twice per year wherever you live in Canada. In Calgary and Edmonton, where trees abound, you should plan gutter cleans throughout the springtime, summer, and especially during the fall. For homes with many trees in the neighbourhood, you may like to arrange a check and clean once a month for extra peace of mind.

We also have long, icy winters here. In these conditions, the gutters may not be able to drain water properly from your roof. You want to avoid water buildup at all costs on your roof, as it can cause damage to roofing materials if it regularly freezes and thaws. Check gutters and roofing during the winter, as well as after storms, when debris gathering in eavestroughs and downspouts can become a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the water starts to fall out of the side of the eavestrough and not through the downspout into the yard, it means that there’s a clog.

You need to call Yardworx before the water freezes and causes damage.

Most homeowners don’t want the hassle of climbing ladders and clearing gutters. It really is no fun!

Besides that, it’s difficult to do the job thoroughly, effectively, and safely without the right equipment.

To do the job properly, you will need:

  • An extension ladder
  • Standoff stabilizers
  • Tarp, hose, and spray nozzles
  • Masks, goggles, and gloves
  • A leaf blower, pressure washer and/or plumber’s snake tool (in some cases)

When working at the top of a ladder, digging out the debris and clearing the downspouts is no small task.

Our professionals based in Calgary and Edmonton are experienced gutter cleaners and can get the job done cost-effectively and safely.

If your house is more than two storeys, it’s essential to hire a professional.

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