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Summer Lawn Care in Calgary and Edmonton

Summer Lawn Care in Calgary and EdmontonWe all love our summers in Calgary and Edmonton.

Long, sunny days with maybe a touch of rain in the air (June is, after all, the wettest month of the year here).

It’s a great time to get out into the yard and enjoy the growing months at home in your garden. For commercial properties, it’s a time to be proud of your grounds as they flourish in the heat and moisture.

Nature goes into overdrive in summer but sometimes it can use a little help from you, tending your lawn and performing all the maintenance steps that you can’t do in the colder months.

Cutting, trimming, weed control, fertilizing, and more.

The Yardworx team has specialized in lawn care for over 30 years. We can help you enjoy the summer months in both Calgary and Edmonton, in surroundings that you can be proud of.

Our Summer Lawn Care Packages

Yardworx provides a wide range of services for summer lawn care in Calgary and Edmonton.

We keep pricing affordable so that you can keep your lawn and surrounding beds, trees, and shrubs in great shape without having to get too busy at the weekends. If you run a commercial property, we can help you there too with a customized lawn care plan.

Holiday Lawn Maintenance

From $76
per cut
  • $76.00 – $146.00 per cut
  • Healthy lawn while you're on vacation

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

From $47
per cut
  • $47.00 – $106.00 per cut
  • Available between May and October
  • Available to both residential & commercial
Best Value

One Time Cut & Trim

From $80
per man hour
  • One hour minimum
  • Available between May and October

Competitive Pricing

We believe in straight up service for a straight up price. You will never see ‘additional’ surprise charges or hidden fees on your invoice.

Superior Customer Service

We actually pick up our phones and reply to your emails right away! You hired us to save you time, not waste your time.

Insured & Bonded

Many service providers do not carry the proper insurance which could leave you vulnerable to damages and even lawsuits! Yardworx is fully insured and bonded.

Book Services 24/7

Summer Lawn Care Services for Calgary & Edmonton

Customers trust our expertise regardless of the season, though the summer months are when we can really show our knowledge of lawn care. The following services will help keep your lawn, hedges, trees, and beds healthy throughout the summer when the heat starts kicking in. Even after the summer is over, we also offer fall lawn care and clean up services until the snow arrives.

Additional Summer Services

Why Choose Yardworx

Yardworx is the one-stop-shop for lawn care in Calgary and Edmonton. Our 30 years of experience gives us the expertise to get the job done right.

Flat Rate Plan

For a set monthly rate, our crews will visit your residence to remove the snow after every snowfall. This package is unlimited – we’ll come every day if needed.

Save Time & Labour

Our services will save you time and labour, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your life

Insured & Bonded

We are insured and bonded to ensure a property owner is never negatively affected.​

Easy Ordering

Our online booking tool makes our services very accessible. That means you can order tonight, at home in your pyjamas. It’s that easy!

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Book with us in 2 simple steps

Step 1Book your services 24/7 through our online form

Step 2: We will schedule your services based on your postal code. Every postal code has a designated day of the week from Tuesday to Thursday. The crew may alter the day slightly due to their schedules and weather but do their best to keep as close to the same day each week.

Please note that we try to have every property serviced in a timely manner but all services are weather dependent.

We always pick up the phone, and we’re looking forward to speaking with you—so give us a call or order online.

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