Spring Packages

Spring Lawn Care Services in Calgary & Edmonton

After braving the long, harsh Canadian winter, many homeowners will want to infuse some tender love and care back into their lawn. At Yardworx, we specialize in lawn care services regardless of the time of year. We offer everything from lawn maintenance and power raking to aeration, tree pruning, and dog waste removal. We also offer snow removal if that pesky white powder is giving you problems.

Spring Lawn Care Pricing

(pricing based on properties ranging from under 2,500sq ft up to 13,000sq ft)
Included ServicesGoldSilverBronzeFertilizer
Power Rake
Lawn Cut & Trim
Blow out of Beds & Hedges
Spring Fertilization*
Cost$207.00- $341.00$167.00- $268.00$167.00- $268.00$51.00- $91.00

*Debris Removal
Bagging & Removal of Debris is $3.50 per bag

Fertilizer Price per Application: $51.00 – $91.00
Fertilizer Program including 4 Applications and weed control: $204.00 – $364.00

*Dog Service:
If your lawn has had no dog debris removal over the winter: $62.50 per man hour, 2-hour minimum

Additional Spring Services

(pricing based on properties ranging from under 2,500sq ft up to 13,000sq ft)
Included ServicesPricing
Core Aeration Only$73.50 – $189.00
Bed Maintenance$62.50 per man hour (2 hour min)
Irrigation Start UpStarting at $117.00 per hour + parts
Bag/Debris Removal$3.50 per bag

A Time of Change in Calgary & Edmonton

Spring is a joyous season in Calgary & Edmonton. It represents a transition away from the freezing, snow-filled long winter months. Still, spring in Calgary & Edmonton are quite chilly, and snow is common in March. There are significant increases in daily temperatures throughout April and May, though nighttime lows can still drop below freezing.

These mild spring temperatures make the season a perfect opportunity for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors, get outside, enjoy the warmer weather and focus on your lawn to prepare it for the summer months on the horizon. Neglecting your spring lawn care could leave you with headaches for the rest of the year. Here are some basic guides to taking care of your lawn during the spring season.

Power Raking

Power raking is the process of removing the layer of thatch between your soil and grass that can accumulate during winter. Since power raking can be stressful to lawns, it’s best to do this only when the thatch is thicker than half an inch. This is the tipping point when the roots of your lawn grass begin to grow in the thatch rather than the soil.

What are the Benefits of Power Raking?

Power raking gives your lawn grass full access to water, air and sunlight for nutrition, as thatch can make it difficult for these things to reach the soil of your grass.

Aeration is the Best Fertilizer

Lawn aeration entails using a tool to create holes in the soil. This improves soil drainage and encourages the presence of worms and microorganisms.

The best time to aerate your lawn is in early spring as soon as the soil is thawed, or anytime your lawn seems unhealthy. Some lawns have compact or clay-heavy soil and could benefit from occasional aeration, allowing the grass to breathe.

Enjoy the Colorful Benefits of Spring with Yardworx

Spring is a time of change in Calgary. Contact Yardworx for lawn care services in Calgary today! We’ll help you maintain your lawn amidst these seasonal changes. We have been proudly providing Lawn care in Calgary for over 25 years! All of our lawn care services come with a satisfaction guarantee.

At Yardworx, we offer everything you need for your Spring Lawn Care including, lawn maintenance, bed cleaning, hedge, shrub and tree pruning and more. We are your one-stop shop for the best lawn care services in Calgary. See our Spring Services listed below. Pricing below is based on our average prices for properties ranging from under 2,500sq ft up to 13,000sq ft. Please note that pricing may vary under special conditions.

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