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Fall Lawn Services in Calgary and Edmonton

Taking care of your lawn during the fall is an important activity. At Yardworx, we offer a variety of Fall Lawn Services in Calgary and Edmonton, including Clean Up, Aeration, Bagging and Removal of Debris and Fertilization. Please see our Fall Services below.

(pricing based on properties ranging from under 2,500sq ft up to 13,000sq ft)
Included ServicesPricing
Final Clean Up$152.00 – $251.00
Aeration and Clean Up$194.00 – $325.00
Fertilization*$48.50 – 86.50
Core Aeration Only$73.50 – $189.00
Irrigation Shut DownStarting at $100.00
Bagging & Removal of Debris$3.50 per bag


Fertilizer Price per Application: $51.00 – $91.00
Fertilizer Program including 4 Applications and weed control: $204.00 – 364.00

Fall Packages That Yardworx Offers


Lawn aeration is an important process that will help a lawn become thicker, healthier, and most resistant to droughts and weeds.

Aeration allows air and water to enter the soil. This is done by removing several plugs per foot.


Lawn fertilization is another vital process. This entails feeding your lawn the nutrients it needs so that it can thrive. It also entails controlling weeds that could compromise the quality of your lawn.

Irrigation Shutdown

Our irrigation services will ensure that your sprinkler system is functioning optimally. We offer a comprehensive, 7-checkpoint process.

This is an essential service, as a compromised irrigation system can cost you lots of money and time in the future.

Leaf and Debris Removal

Leaf and debris removal is another important service that Yardworx offers. We will blow out all the beds and hedges on your lawn, completely cleaning up the property.

When excessive leaves and debris accumulate on your lawn, they can affect the aesthetics of your yard and negatively impact its health and vitality.

Final Cleanup

We recommend scheduling a cleanup early in the fall, as the weather can be extreme during late fall. This extreme weather can make working on a lawn quite difficult.

If your lawn isn’t properly aerated, fertilized, irrigated, and cleaned, then the winter months could lead to its demise.

Winter in Calgary and Edmonton is quite brutal, as freezing temperatures and abundant snowfall are often experienced. This makes preparation during the fall vital, which Yardworx can help you achieve.

You can order our services by calling us or by filling out this online form.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

There are many tips to help optimize the health of your lawn.

We recommend keeping your lawn as clean as possible. Tools, toys, and leaves can steal nutrients from your lawn and block sunlight from nourishing it.

Seeding your lawn is also important, especially if it needs repair. The best time to do this is in early fall, as this new grass will emerge even stronger in the spring.

Contact Yardworx for fall lawn services in Calgary and Edmonton today!

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