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Fall Lawn Care in Calgary and Edmonton

The fall can be quite unpredictable in Calgary and Edmonton. Nobody knows whether the temperatures will hold up and prolong the summer or plunge early and make it a long winter. This makes it challenging to prepare your lawn for the big freeze that lies ahead.

One thing is for certain: leaves will fall from the trees, snow will fall, and the ground will start to freeze at some point between late August and November. While falling leaves may look pretty, they have repercussions for your lawn. 

Our fall lawn care services are designed to remove the doubts, so that you can go into the winter knowing that you’ve done everything possible for your lawn.

The Yardworx team is experienced at reading the signals from the weather and taking the essential steps that will deliver a picture-perfect lawn in the spring.

Fall Lawn Care in Calgary and Edmonton

Our Fall Lawn Care Packages

Yardworx is a lawn care and snow removal company, providing a wide range of services for fall lawn care in Calgary and Edmonton.

We keep pricing affordable so that you can keep your lawn and surrounding beds, trees, and shrubs, in great shape without having to get too busy during the weekends. If you run a commercial property, we can help you there too with a customized lawn care package.

Fall Clean Up

From $184
per clean up
  • A final grass cut and trim for the season
  • Leaf raking
  • Hauling leaves and debris from the lawn
  • Debris removal (2 bags included)

Fall Clean Up Package

From $235
per clean up
  • A final grass cut and trim for the season
  • Leaf raking
  • Hauling leaves and debris from the lawn
  • Debris removal (2 bags included)
  • Lawn core aeration
Best Value

Lawn Aeration

From $89
per service
  • Available from April 1 to November 15
  • Encourage deep root growth
  • More resistant to droughts and weeds
  • Healthier growth in the spring

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We believe in straight up service for a straight up price. You will never see ‘additional’ surprise charges or hidden fees on your invoice.

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We actually pick up our phones and reply to your emails right away! You hired us to save you time, not waste your time.

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Many service providers do not carry the proper insurance which could leave you vulnerable to damages and even lawsuits! Yardworx is fully insured and bonded.

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Fall Lawn Maintenance in Calgary & Edmonton

Customers trust our expertise regardless of the season, though the summer months are when we can really show our knowledge of lawn care. The following services will help keep your lawn, hedges, trees, and beds healthy throughout the summer when the heat starts kicking in.

Summer Landscape Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of fall lawn care is performing the final clean up of your lawn and ensuring that nothing is blocking the sunlight or restricting nutrient uptake.

Your lawn may be dormant in winter but ensuring that it has access to sufficient sunlight, oxygen and nutrients will keep it healthy.

We will blow out the lawn and all the beds and hedges around it, completely cleaning up your property.

We recommend scheduling a fall clean up early in the fall, as the weather can become extreme during late fall, making lawn work more difficult.

Irrigation Calgary

With this package, you receive all the benefits of our standard fall cleanup, plus you will improve the uptake of nutrients by your lawn with core aeration.

While aeration is usually performed in the spring and maybe once during the summer, it is also important at the end of the summer.

If your lawn isn’t properly aerated (as well as fertilized, irrigated, and cleaned), the winter months could lead to its demise.

During the aeration process, we use a machine with hollow tines that move in a vertical mowing action. This removes “plugs” from the entire lawn area and makes it more efficient at using water and oxygen, while also reducing soil compaction.

Core Aeration

If you can manage the cleanup of your yard yourself and just need assistance with the core aeration of your lawn, our “aeration-only” service is for you.

You can schedule an appointment for our crew to come out and provide the final aeration of your lawn before the winter sets in by filling out this form at any time.

Some homeowners aerate three times per year and most golf courses aerate four times per year because of heavy usage, soil compaction, and the need to maintain a pristine appearance.

This will ensure that you nurture a thick lawn that is more resistant to droughts and weeds come the growing months of spring and summer.

Irrigation Calgary

An irrigation system is an excellent acquisition for most Calgary properties but it’s easy for your sprinkler system to suffer damage over the winter months.

At the end of the summer, it is essential to perform an irrigation blow out. This will prepare your system for the freezing winter temperatures and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on repairs.

Our crews will blow out all of your irrigation lines so that they are free of water to avoid splits and other potential damage.

Garden Bed Maintenance in Calgary and Edmonton

Fall bed maintenance is available in Calgary and Edmonton and includes:

  • A health inspection of all tree, shrub and garden beds on your property
  • Removal of all weeds and debris by hand
  • Cultivating (turning) soil
  • Re-forming the garden bed edge using a hand edger
  • Cultivating the flower bed area
  • Remove annuals and cut back perennials, as needed
  • If requested with materials provided, we can add soil, plants, mulch, rock etc.
Fertilization and Weed Control in Calgary and Edmonton | Yardworx

If you’ve fertilized your lawn in spring, you should repeat the process once at the end of the summer and once in the fall, at least.

This is essential for providing the nutrients for healthy growth and for enhanced weed control. We can apply weed control at the same time as we apply fertilizer to your lawn.

We ensure that your entire lawn receives the right blend to ensure a healthy “hibernation” period during winter.

One-Time Yard Cleanups

Lawn Care

You can book our one-time yard clean up service at any time throughout the year.

As well as yards with lawns, this type of one-off cleanup is useful for clearing debris from hardscaped yards without a lawn.

We will visit your home at a convenient time to:

  • Blow out the yard
  • Remove all loose debris 

This service is charged at an hourly rate of $62.50 per man hour (plus bag removal at $3.50/bag).

Fall/Winter Tree Pruning

Vegetation Control in Calgary and Edmonton

Tree pruning services can continue throughout the fall and winter, if necessary.

Minor hedge trimming services include manicuring new growth on hedges or bushes under six feet in height.

More comprehensive pruning is also available if your trees, hedges or shrubs are over six feet tall.

A certified arborist is part of our crew. The arborist will identify any diseases or concerns about your trees, hedges, and shrubs and provide a quote to prune, treat, or remove features or even stumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your lawn will continue to grow until the freezing weather comes (the first hard frost). Try to keep your lawn at the ideal blade length of 2½- to 3-inches throughout the fall. Cutting it will help to remove leaves as well as keeping your lawn looking great. Our team will ensure to cut your lawn at a shorter setting for your last cut. This will allow more sunlight to reach the base of the grass and prevent problems like matting and snow mould.

Yes, overseeding in the fall is advisable because it will protect your lawn against weeds and ensure any bare spots are filled in. In fact, fall is the best time to overseed as the ground is still warm and moist enough but the sun is not too strong, providing good conditions for the seeds to germinate.

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