Commercial Services

We offer a variety of Commercial Services including on Call Plowing, Sidewalks & Doorway Clearing and Snow Hauling.
Please see our Commercial Services listed below.

Included ServicesPricing
On-Call Plowing$120.00 per hour (2 hour min)
On-Call Sidewalks & Doorway Clearing$80.00 per man hour (2 hour min)
Snow Hauling$350.00 per hour (2 hour min + dump fees) – (includes bobcat to load truck)

Snow Dump Fee – $75.00 per 10 yard truck – additional trucks prorated at $160.00 per hour 

Bobcat Services$120.00 per hour (2 hour min)
Lot Sweeping$255.00 per hour (2 hour min)
Gravel Disposal$340.00 per 10 yards ($340.00 min charge)
Watering of Beds, Hedges and Trees$80.00 per hour
Pruning$70.00 per man hour
Round Up Application$85.00 per 2000 sq. ft.
Litter Pick Up/Debris Removal$80.00 per man hour
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