Add To Your Home’s Value With These Landscaping Ideas (And How Not To Overdo It)

Curb appeal. It’s what most realtors state will help sell your home. According to landscape economist John Harris, good landscaping can increase your home’s value by 28%. 

Although it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get an extra $84,000 for a $300,000 home, you can add to your property’s value by bringing out the architectural style of your home and the landscape design that matches your neighborhood.

Choosing a landscape design that can increase your home’s value is hard, but also knowing when to stop (so you aren’t overdoing the landscaping) is equally hard. Before calling professional landscaping companies in Edmonton and Calgary, you should know what makes a landscape design attract and distract home buyers.

1. Planting Trees

Adding mature trees alone improves property value by 4% to 20%. You can add small maple trees to your front yard as it stands out with the striking colours of their autumn leaves. 

Tree Increase Home Value if it…

  • Adds privacy to the home.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Saves money from energy bills.
  • Makes outdoor living relaxing and more enjoyable.

Hurts Home Value if it…

  • Generates messy fruits or seedpods.
  • Interferes with the septic systems, driveways, and power lines.

Busy homeowners don’t want trees requiring a lot of TLC, so choose small trees for your front yard that are not susceptible to disease yet add accent to your landscape design.

2. Installing an Irrigation System

Increasing the curb appeal of a home means having a reliable irrigation system. Moreover, an efficient irrigation system not only adds to your property’ value by increasing your home’s attractiveness, but will up your home’s value as it makes the home cost-efficient.

Increases Home Value if it…

  • Is an automatic system (so it saves time, money, and water).
  • Ensures water reduction.
  • Encourages a healthy lawn.

Hurts Home Value if it…

  • Has visible lines (that diminishes your yard’s design).
  • Poor functionality (the sprinkler heads are not properly adjusted based on the plants in the landscape).

New homeowners don’t want to spend another cent on the new home they bought by fixing an inefficient irrigation system, so make sure your sprinklers are in top condition or replace it with an automatic system. 

3. Keeping The Yard Well Lit

Landscape lighting attracts home buyers as it lets them show off the house’s nighttime curb appeal. You can highlight the unique architectural details of your property to draw attention to your colourful garden beds and uniquely designed patio. 

Increases Home Value if it…

  • Provides illumination on uneven walkways to prevent tripping.
  • Illuminates dark areas to discourage burglars from entering your property.
  • Does not increase the energy bill (use LED and solar-powered lights).

Hurts Home Value if it…

  • Light up areas that are already bright (it may require buyers to spend time and money removing unnecessary light fixtures).
  • Is not installed downward (to prevent distraction).
  • Does not prevent glare or skyglow (ensure fixtures are fully shielded).

4. Investing in Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn is the core of curb appeal. No buyer would want to deal with the time and labour-intensive task of having to transform a neglected yard into a healthy one. If your lawn does not look good as your neighbour’s, it decreases the overall desirability of your property. 

Increases Home Value if…

Hurts Home Value if…

  • You mowed the grass too tall or short.
  • Your lawn has puddles of water due to excessive watering or improper irrigation.
  • You did the fertilizing yourself and did not use the right product for your grass, so it appears patchy or burnt in spots.

5. Add an Outdoor Living Space

Although this landscape feature may require a bigger budget, it can increase your home’s value up to 12.4 percent. Buyers seek out homes with a landscape design that allows them to mentally escape without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

Increases Home Value if…

  • It has enough space to entertain guests during backyard parties.
  • Built with materials that are easy to maintain or clean.
  • Matches your property’s overall landscape design.

Hurts Home Value if…

  • You already have too many garden ornaments installed and other hardscapes that overwhelm your yard.
  • There’s no softscaping surrounding the patios, fire pits, decks, pergolas, and other hardscapes.
  • Materials look worn quickly or structures aren’t built properly.

6. Create a Low-Maintenance Landscape Design

Not all home buyers have the time and energy to maintain the curb appeal of their new homes, so some may opt to buy houses with low-maintenance landscaping. Choose native trees and plants or vegetation that can easily survive your local climate to create a landscape design without the hassle of high maintenance plants or need for pesticides.

Increases Home Value since…

  • It cuts water costs since xeriscaping means choosing to plant native greenery, cacti, and succulents or plants that don’t need constant watering.
  • It’s eco-friendly. You won’t have to use air and water-polluting fertilizers and pesticides.
  • It’s ideal for busy homeowners who do not want to spend much time on lawn care.

Hurts Home Value since…

  • Some buyers do prefer lush greenery or lawns enveloped with colourful flowers
  • Less room for physical activities in your yard as xeriscaping may mean replacing grass with rocks or mulch. 

Professional Landscaping Company Ensures An Increase in Home Value

Doing the landscaping yourself may result in landscape designs that do not match your area, budget, and the current landscaping trends. 

Yardworx has professional landscapers in Edmonton and Calgary who will evaluate your current landscaping, your neighbourhood, and the architectural style of your home to come up with a landscape design that ensures a 20 percent raise in your home value.

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