9 Sprinkler Start-Up Tips To Safely Start Your Irrigation System

Irrigation Systems in Calgary

Opening your sprinkler system in spring after the harsh winters in Calgary and Edmonton is the first step in making your lawn grow bright and lush. But, if you did a bad job in starting up your irrigation system in spring, you’ll end up losing money, instead of saving it.

Starting an irrigation system in spring safely is important in preventing water waste and eliminating repair and replacement costs. Doing a sprinkler startup properly means each zone is giving the right amount of water to prepare your lawn for the growing season and giving the pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads the right pressure and flow of water, so none of these irrigation materials burst and pop off.

When should you turn on irrigation?

Before turning on any valves, you should check the temperature first. You should wait until the threat of frost is passed to prevent the mistake of flooding your lawn and paying for pricey landscaping problems.

To ensure that the ground is frost-free, use a spade shovel or a pickaxe and dig at least 12 inches below the surface. If your shovel isn’t penetrating the soil as it should, you should probably check back in a few days again before doing an irrigation startup.

How do I restart my sprinkler system in the spring?

To perform the sprinkler startup safely, you’ll need to use the right set of tools.

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Pen and paper (note down any problems)

The Safe Spring Start-up Checklist

1. Visually Inspect your Backflow Preventer for Cracks

Backflow preventer damage is usually found around the body, especially on the bottom. Reach out to the bottom of the device and feel for any crack.

2. Check Sprinkler Heads for Damage

You’ll know that a sprinkler head needs replacing when the water pressure is low, there are frequent leaks, and it’s giving out a poor pray. Damaged irrigation system components will result in water waste and can wreak havoc on your lawn and gardens.

3. Make Sure the Drain Plug is Tightly Shut

Your irrigation system may drain water directly on the ground, so you may never see the water. If the drain plug is loosely screwed, you can expect an increase in your water bill next month.

4. Close All the Valves that were Slightly Opened During Sprinkler Winterization

During sprinkler winterization, the valves are opened at a 45-degree angle. In a sprinkler spring startup, you’ll have to close all the valves along with the test cocks to prevent water from spewing out.

5. Remove any Obstruction of the Intended Spray Pattern

Bushes, tree branches, playground equipment, and grass length can obstruct the water distribution which would lead to unhealthy lawns in which brown spots will appear near the sprinkler head.

6. Slowly Turn the Water On

Whichever valve you are opening, it’s safer to manually open the sprinklers slowly to give them the time to pressurize before completely opening them. This prevents irrigation system parts from getting damaged due to high water velocity.

7. Properly Set the Watering Schedules of Your Sprinkler System

Reprograming your sprinkler controller helps you save money on your irrigation system. It will control the water usage while your lawn gets the right amount of water it needs even when you aren’t home.

8. Uncover and Clean the Weather Sensor

There is a significant amount of rainfall in Calgary, especially in June. For homeowners and business owners in Calgary, it’s better to inspect, clean, uncover and reposition the weather or rain sensor of your irrigation system. This greatly helps in saving water during spring and summer.

9. Hire the Experts to Perform a Pressure Check

Without a professional pressure check, your irrigation system may not be under the safe operating pressure and may result in costly repairs. It’s best to hire a reliable sprinkler start up service in Calgary and Edmonton to know what the water pressure is from your property and if it should be regulated or not.

The Best Sprinkler Start Up Service in Calgary and Edmonton

If you want to take the pressure off your shoulders of opening your sprinkler system in spring, then it’s time to call our certified technicians. Yardworx will make sure that your sprinkler system is started up properly, so you don’t have to worry about costly mistakes, and the lawn will be well hydrated and looking its best.

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