5 Ways to Get Your Household Ready for COVID-19

5 Ways to Get Your Household Ready for COVID-19During this testing time for the planet, with COVID-19 officially declared a pandemic and Canadians everywhere wondering how it will affect their own families, it pays to take a few steps to protect your household.

Nobody knows the extent to which families in Calgary and Edmonton will be affected by the virus but it’s safe to assume that there will be consequences.

The Yardworx crews continue to be out and about, providing services that help to keep homes and yards safe.

We’ve compiled a few tips so that you can get your household ready for COVID-19 and the worst effects can be avoided.

Help elderly neighbours with their home and yard needs

Now is the time to think of your family and the people around you, including your neighbours, especially the elderly.

Older adults and people with underlying chronic medical conditions are at higher risk of developing serious complications from the virus, so they will become increasingly reliant on others around them to attend to everyday needs.

Seniors may become increasingly housebound so you may want to check if they need shopping, provisions, or work done in their yard.

Do they need snow removal from their yard or the sidewalk?

Perhaps they could use a spring clean up of their yard if they are unable to attend to it themselves?

This can all be arranged without seniors having to leave the safety of their homes.

Of course, avoid contact with elderly neighbours if you are sick yourself. But that should not prevent you from calling and checking how they are and whether they need anything.

Keep your sidewalks clear of snow to keep everyone safe

Even while the virus is in full flow, we must not neglect our other civic responsibilities.

Both Calgary and Edmonton have bylaws that require you to clear the sidewalks around your home in a timely manner in the event of snow. This has not changed with COVID-19.

Failure to comply with this could lead to a fine. March and April can be snowy months here and it makes sense to be vigilant so that you keep driveways and stairs clear of snow too.

The last thing we want at this time of worry for families is to have to visit a loved one in the hospital after a fall.

Our snow removal services are operating as normal and you can book this now or at any time without even leaving your home. Simply use our online order form.

Keep the yard safe for homeschooled kids

At this time, many Calgary and Edmonton families are facing the prospects of mother and/or father having to work from home to care for the children, who are off school.

Make sure that normal safety measures are taken around the home and in the yard, so the children have a safe place to play.

One thing is for sure at this uncertain time: children will not stop being children because of COVID-19!

So are pets, make sure your fences are up to Calgary’s standards to ensure the safety of everyone’s.

Make sure that there are no slippery snow or ice patches around, debris has been cleaned away after winter, and the lawn is in good condition.

Make use of that extra spare time

Even if you need to look after the children or home-school them, with entertainment venues and sporting events closing down, you are likely to have more spare time than usual.

The springtime is in our sights. This is the ideal time to get busy around the home and yard and to do those chores that you’ve been putting off.

We’re here to help in any way possible in your yard – from lawn maintenance and fertilizing to irrigation systems, landscaping, and more.

Got a to-do list? We can help you cross a few of those items off during this slower period.

Look after yourself!

Besides the important measures to be taken around the house and yard to prepare for COVID-19, don’t neglect the most important person: you!

Maintaining good personal hygiene and following guidelines to limit the spread of the virus will help keep you and loved ones safe.

Remember, we’re working and available to help Calgary and Edmonton families prepare their yards for COVID-19.

Most employees are working from home for a while, according to the local guidelines, but our crews are out servicing yards in both cities.

We are all in this together and will do our bit for health, safety, and the economy. Let’s all support the local businesses so that we make it through this temporary period of concern for all Albertans.

We’re not yet sure how this will pan out exactly, but we do know that it will pass!

Finally, a short message from our president…

During these uncertain times, we all need to follow the advice from the health services.

On the bright side, we will have extra time to share a few stories with families and friends, or reach out to someone we know just to say “hi”.

It’s important that everyone feels that they are not alone in this. Social communication must go on. We all need that.

Be safe and be aware of your surroundings. In the event of snow, our crews are ready to help and we have arranged for our office to work from home for the time being.

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