4 Reasons to Hire Professional Snow Removal

The Alberta winter season is characterized by snow, ice, sleet and other winter precipitation. The temperatures can be arctic and it’s possible to get sudden, massive dumps of snow with little warning. Whether you are in Edmonton or Calgary, snow removal is necessary to provide safe winter conditions for the public and ensure your residential or commercial property is accessible. 

It’s a LOT of work to do yourself, however, which is why professional snow removal companies like Yardworx exist.

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Snow Removal - Snow Removal Calgary Edmonton
Here are the top 4 reasons why you should hire Yardworx, one of the top snow removal companies in Calgary and Edmonton to help with snow clearing this year:

Prevent Injury & Liability

Winter weather contributes to thousands of snow and ice related injuries each year. Snow removal helps reduce chances for winter-related accidents like slip and falls. Slip and fall injuries on ice and snow are among the most common hospital-treated injuries each winter. It can be hard to stay on top of the massive amount of snow we get in Alberta, and with weather phenomena like Chinooks, that snow can turn into slush and then back into ice very quickly.

If you hire a professional snow removal service, you can rest assured that snow will be removed in a timely manner from your residential or commercial property so you don’t have to worry about anyone becoming injured or legal liability this winter.

Comply with Bylaws

In winter, time is of the essence. According to the Calgary and Edmonton city bylaws, you are legally required to remove snow and ice – down to the bare surface – from public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Professional snow removal services can help ensure you will be in compliance with winter bylaws so there are no legal ramifications from not having your property cleared of snow and ice. Maintaining winter safety standards this year could save you from getting fined!

Enhance Curb Appeal

If your home or business is one of the thousands in Edmonton or Calgary to which winter precipitation brings unappealing mounds of snow and gravel, piled on the grass, walkways, and scattered throughout parking lots, hiring Yardworx to remove and haul away snow makes sense. We have the equipment to take away the excess snow, leaving you with a manicured, wide-open property again. The best part is in the spring when everything melts, you won’t have all the excess water and soggy grass to deal with too. You’ll love how your property looks after professional snow removal experts clear away winter muck and make your property more accessible and safe.

Lack of Proper Equipment

Winter in Calgary and Edmonton can be sudden and brutal at times, and we have winter weather conditions that might require professional snow removal due to sudden, heavy accumulations of snow and ice. Professional snow removal companies use winter equipment like trucks, plows and bobcats to clear away winter precipitation like ice and snow on roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks quickly, easily, and in much less time than doing it manually. The best part is that you don’t need to store or maintain any of the equipment yourself, and the job gets done fast and properly with just a phone call to Yardworx.

Overall, snow shoveling and removal can help keep everyone safe throughout the winter months, so it’s important to do it right. Snow shoveling can prevent winter-related fall injuries, legal liability, and bylaw compliance. It is a way to keep your property looking great throughout the winter and into the spring too. You may not have the time, energy or proper equipment to handle all the snowfall we get in Calgary or Edmonton either. For these reasons, hiring professional snow removal like Yardworx is best. Professional snow removal companies have employees who are trained and experienced in keeping your property safe throughout the winter season by providing timely snow removal services.

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